Summer's Here And The Thyme Is Ripe

Easter believe it or not! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Queens Theatre on Easter Sunday 16 April - see gig page for tickets. We've quite a few friends coming over from Sweden and Norway too so we'll have a great time. There's some new live tracks on YouTube with newly mastered sound, they're on the video page.Preben Raunsbjerg mixed the tracks to perfection, and it sounds just how I hoped it might! Wonderful playing on them from Neil Bullock and Richard Sadler and of course Preben too - take a look.

We're back at Bulls Head Barnes on 18 May, so hope to see you all there. We had a good crowd last time, so it should be a lot of fun. Still writing and recording new stuff and working some sessions for other folks. Also playing some more gigs this year with My Darling Clementine to launch the album we recorded last year 'Still Testifying'. We're playing The Red Rooster Festival and The Islington in London in June amongst others. I'll put the dates up soon.

Join me on Twitter and Instagram or my public Facebook page if you want any more on the move info. The Edinburgh Show I mentioned will now be 2018, which will mean we can do it on a larger scale. All under wraps at the moment.

All the best