After The Show...

Thanks to everyone who came to The Omnibus Theatre for my show 'The Rockford Files'. It was great working with Jonathan Holloway and Giles Croft. We had a lot of laughs. It was a great week and lovely to see so many familiar faces, as well as new audience members. The telecasters got an outing, which I hope they enjoyed, I know I did!

For the rest of the year, I'll be working hard in the studio on a new album, and working on some recordings for other folk. I've been exchanging audio files back and forth for various projects, so I have put tracks on recordings without needing to leave the grounds. Cuts down on the mileage! 

There are some more shows coming up and I will post these as soon as they are confirmed. My gig at The Queens Theatre Hornchurch on 23 April 2018 will feature Richard Sadler - Double Bass, Preben Raunsbjerg - Guitar, Martin Belmont - Guitar and Neil Bullock - Drums. Really looking forward to it! See you there!


MIJ Heaven!

MIJ Heaven!


All the best for 2018 to everyone, and thanks for all your messages of support, for downloading tracks and coming along to the gigs. 2017 was great in lots of respects. I played some great gigs in a variety of settings and apart from working with my own band, I toured with My Darling Clementine to support the album we recorded in 2016 'Still Testifying'. I enjoyed working with Oo Bop Sh'Bam too, playing roadhouse R'nB for a change! One of the highlights of 2017 was getting to play with Mickey Jupp and Mo Witham at a gig in Eskdale. Mickey plays and sings great, and is still writing brilliant songs - Mo is still playing fantastic guitar - An honour! In 2017 I returned to Queens Theatre Hornchurch for a great gig and will be returning there on 23 April 2018 - book here! I'll have Preben Raunsbjerg, Martin Belmont, Richard Sadler and Neil Bullock along too. We'll be playing a few New Orleans Soul numbers this time.



The big news is I've joined forces with my old friend and renowned writer and director Jonathan Holloway in a play called BADBACK MOUNTAIN "The Rockford Files".


171115_BBM_Poster A3-FINAL.jpg

It's a two-hander. We've both written it, and we're both in it and there's some songs too. Tickets are on sale here Omnibus Theatre Clapham. Starts 23 January for a week, then we'll be at The Pleasance for The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. I'll keep posting any new dates/developments here as they occur.

Here is a pre-release studio version of a track we feature in the show which is free to download:



My Christmas Message!

Coming up, there's my Christmas Gig at The Bulls Head in Barnes on 7 December 2017. Book online here LIAM GRUNDY CHRISTMAS GIG We have Richard Sadler on Double Bass, Martin Belmont on Guitar, Malcolm Barclay on Guitar and Steve Rushton on Drums. We always have a great time there. We always have a great time anywhere! 

Well it's the end of 2017 and we're gearing up for a busy 2018. 2017 has been mostly a year of recording and writing. It was great to return to The Queens Theatre Hornchurch, and I'll be there again on 23 April 2018 too. Been busy with private gigs, and I've been sitting in with a few bands too which I've really enjoyed. Played with The Pete Pritchard Band, The Dave Briggs Band and Oo Bop Sh'Bam too. I joined Mickey Jupp at his twice a year gig in Boot up in the Lake District. His songwriting and playing and singing are just as good as ever and I really suggest you make the effort to check him out. His music is available to buy from his Facebook Page and his next gig at The Woolpack up in Boot is on 9th March 2018. I'm planning to be there too. I've been working with some good friends of mine on various album projects and it's been great to be involved in their production.

Big news for 2018, is the premiere of a play with music - "The Rockford Files ", which I have written with Jonathan Holloway. We're both performing in it and will be opening at The Clapham Omnibus Theatre 23 January 2018. TICKETS NOW ON SALE HERE! "THE ROCKFORD FILES" A new song we'll be featuring is 'No Girl In Tennessee' After Clapham we then have a run at The Edinburgh Festival for 4 weeks at The Pleasance Theatre in August, and we're also talking about some Nashville dates which we're really looking forward to.

Hope everything goes well for everyone in 2018, and look forward to seeing you at future gigs and shows

All the best







Summer's Here And The Thyme Is Ripe

Easter believe it or not! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Queens Theatre on Easter Sunday 16 April - see gig page for tickets. We've quite a few friends coming over from Sweden and Norway too so we'll have a great time. There's some new live tracks on YouTube with newly mastered sound, they're on the video page.Preben Raunsbjerg mixed the tracks to perfection, and it sounds just how I hoped it might! Wonderful playing on them from Neil Bullock and Richard Sadler and of course Preben too - take a look.

We're back at Bulls Head Barnes on 18 May, so hope to see you all there. We had a good crowd last time, so it should be a lot of fun. Still writing and recording new stuff and working some sessions for other folks. Also playing some more gigs this year with My Darling Clementine to launch the album we recorded last year 'Still Testifying'. We're playing The Red Rooster Festival and The Islington in London in June amongst others. I'll put the dates up soon.

Join me on Twitter and Instagram or my public Facebook page if you want any more on the move info. The Edinburgh Show I mentioned will now be 2018, which will mean we can do it on a larger scale. All under wraps at the moment.

All the best