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Van Duren.

Van Duren.

A couple of years ago I came across Memphis-born songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Van Duren. Van and I got in touch, and it seemed we had a lot of music in common. Van told me a film was being made about his life, and just recently it was completed and released.

The film is called ‘Waiting - The Van Duren Story” by Greg Carey and Wade Jackson 

Official trailer:

I was lucky enough to attend the London screening back in March and really loved the film. The music is a revelation. Van Duren’s music is an undiscovered wonder, and I was very pleased to get to meet Van and his musical partner Vicki Loveland. We had a great evening playing tunes and singing. Vicki’s voice is fabulous. Van and Vicki then went off on an extensive Australian tour which was a great success. Hopefully we’ll be doing some work together in the future.

The Soundtrack to the film is here:

It is available from Omnivore Records:

If you want to hear an interview with Van, and hear him choose some of his favourite tracks, check out this podcast

Van’s been working in Memphis all his life, and collaborating with other fantastic musicians which has resulted in him releasing 12 CDs. They’re all available online. Van and Vicki Loveland’s new album NEXT is available now through: